Report says deepening LSU lakes good for the environment

Report says deepening LSU lakes good for the environment

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Deepening University and City Park Lakes and three of the four smaller lakes that surround them would improve the natural  ecosystems and keep them from returning to swampland. That according to a recent report by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation.

A  soil analysis also showed that material dredged from deepening the lakes would be strong enough to support shoreline improvements such as

building paths and small structures. The Foundation commissioned the report by GEC of Baton Rouge in support of its master plan for the lakes, which will offer solutions for saving the lakes and making them a better gathering place in balance with people who live around them. 

At the end of June, a selection committee of stakeholders picked SWA Group, in association with Jeffrey Carbo Landscape Architects, to draft the master plan. SWA will begin work in September and deliver the blueprint next summer. 

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