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Nine people shot in New Orleans over the weekend


Nine people are recovering from gunshot wounds in New Orleans this weekend.

The rash of violence started Saturday in New Orleans East and continued through Sunday with the most recent shooting taking place on South Carrollton in broad daylight.

South Carrollton Avenue is a highly populated corridor. Police say someone opened fire just after noon Sunday near Olive Street, hitting a 26-year-old man.

Earlier in the day, two other people were shot; one on Bunker Hill, the other on Frenchmen Street.

"People are going to be very afraid by the end of the summer if this keeps up," said Criminologist Peter Scharf, Ph.D.

Saturday saw six people injured by bullets, including a 17-year-old. Scharf says while summertime heat is often blamed for spikes in violence, he's got another theory.

"It's not really the hot weather, it's that you have opportunities for open air drug dealing and to assassinate your enemies," he said.

While the city's murder rate for the year is down, Scharf says non-fatal shootings still garner plenty of attention and lead people to compare New Orleans to other cities with violent crime problems. But the criminologist says those comparisons don't accurately reflect what's going on here.

"People say don't go to Chicago they've had 47 shootings in a weekend. Chicago is two and a half million people, we're 380,000 on the good days and if you multiply it, we're about double the Chicago rate of shootings," Scharf explained.

Part of the problem here is something Scharf and NOPD Supt. Ronal Serpas agree on; the revolving door at Tulane and Broad.

"In New Orleans, someone arrested for illegally possessing a firearm or using a firearm, within 12 months of that arrest without incarceration, is three times more likely to be re-arrested for murder, manslaughter, and five times more likely to commit a violent crime," Serpas said.

While fixing the criminal justice system isn't something that can happen overnight, Scharf thinks hiring more police officers is something that can be done now to help deter crime. He says weekends with nine people wounded in separate shootings is simply unacceptable.

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