Bike-A-Thon held for two children hit by car

Bike-A-Thon held for two children hit by car

GEISMAR, LA (WAFB) - Dozens of people in Gonzales, La pedaled past their pain. People got on their bikes for a Bike-A-Thon, in memory of Daylon, 6, and Sarai, 9, Lanus. The two children from Geismar, La lost their lives when they were struck by a car while the family was fishing off a small embankment.

Mother Shayla Lanus, said she and her husband are still dealing with the heartbreak, but said they’re glad the community still has them on their minds.

“They didn't forget about our kids any sometimes things like that happen the next day it's over you're forgotten,” said Lanus.

The event was put on by Hope Youth Development Inc. Program organizer Mark Peters said he was teaching at the same summer camp the children attended. He believes although there have been some cloudy days; the heavens find a way to shine through.

“There is always a light, “said Peters. “The sun will always shine, just like last night everybody was calling, wondering if the event was canceled. I told them the rain is going to stop, and last night it did.”

Louisiana State Police said the driver of the vehicle has not been charged yet, but they are still investigating.

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