Department of Public Safety and Corrections recognizes state's Probation & Parole officers

Department of Public Safety and Corrections recognizes state's Probation and Parole officers

The Department of Public Safety and Corrections is recognizing the state's pretrial, probation and parole officers this week. 

"Public safety is the department's most important goal," said DPS&C Secretary Jimmy LeBlanc. "Over the last six years, the culture of P&P supervision has changed to also focus on connecting those on supervision with the resources to be permanently successful," LeBlanc said.

Donaldsonville Agent, Brandon Kirby, says it's a job where every day is different. 

"You never know what you're going to walk into. You never know what's going to be behind that door or around that corner," said Kirby. 

Kirby is one of the near 600 probation and parole agents supervising 68,000 offenders across the state. He says the goal of an agent is to build a relationship with their offenders that can translate into helping them become improved members of society.

"In making sure that they have the resources they need to be successful, that's going to reduce crime" said Kirby.  "It's going to reduce recidivism and it's going to make the community safer" he said. 

Kirby says while it's not the easiest or safest job, it's a job he holds with high regard. 

"That's the most gratifying thing in the world. We serve the citizens of Louisiana. It's an honor and privilege to work for the citizens and we're glad that they give us the opportunity to go out and do what we do everyday" he said. 

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