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12 NEWS DEFENDERS: Exposed cable lines concern Montgomery residents

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

A group of east Montgomery residents are concerned about a possible safety risk in their neighborhood.

They say cable lines that should be buried underground are exposed, and they worry about children playing in the yard.

Jamie Newton says at least one of the cables has been hanging on her fence for two years.

"It used to be just one wire, and then probably about four to six months ago a second one popped up."

She wants something done about it.

"At first I was surprised, and then it turned into a little bit of anger and frustration."

For Jamie, it's a major safety concern.

"I have small children, I have friends' children over, and the neighborhood kids come and play in my backyard. It's not safe."

Newton hasn't been able to resolve the situation herself.

"I actually called Knology, back when it was Knology, to make sure that it wasn't my cable company. They came out here, checked the lines, and said no it's Charter. I'm not actually a Charter customer."

Charter confirms it owns the cable lines. The company says it has received only one complaint from a charter customer in the area, and that was back in April.

According to Charter, a crew was sent out to that location, but due to a glitch in their process, the lines were not buried.

Charter is still trying to determine exactly how long ago the lines were laid.

Crews are being scheduled now to get out there and bury them. Charter has a goal to bury its cable lines within a 14 day period.

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