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Gonzales remains without a budget, even after yet another meeting

Mayor Barney Arceneaux (Source: WAFB) Mayor Barney Arceneaux (Source: WAFB)

Another Gonzales City Council meeting has passed without an agreement on a budget.

The budget is now a month and a half overdue. Council members are at odds over how much money to give to an economic develop study.

“What they've decided, what AEDC just delays it one more time,” said Mayor Barney Arceneaux. “So, here's our employees sitting and waiting for the general fund and we're going to have to just bite the bullet somewhere down the line and get this thing passed.”

The indecision is starting to worry the mayor.

“It's certainly a tug of war, no doubt about it, yes indeed, not one that I enjoy because again who does it affect? Our citizens and our employees,” he explained.

The city can reportedly operate on its existing funding for a few more months. The mayor and council will try again to reach a deal at the next meeting, which will be held in two weeks.

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