Sherwood Manor neighbors say car break-ins on the rise

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - People in one Baton Rouge neighborhood are talking about their unique perspective to see crime just outside their kitchen windows, especially car break-ins.

Sherwood Manor is near the Target and Best Buy on Millerville Road. The security cameras homeowners put up have revealed a world they wouldn't otherwise know about. The East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office said Monday that three people were arrested in connection with a string of car break-ins in the Sherwood Manor and Vignes Lakes neighborhoods.

Two neighbors in the Fairwood Estates portion of Sherwood Manor, who asked not to be identified, described their experiences of car burglaries in their own driveways just a few feet from where they slept inside.

"Stuff scattered all over the car," said one neighbor. "I didn't have anything of value in the car but one thing and they did get it."

"If the car is open, it seems to be fair game to them, so they're going up and opening it," said another homeowner. "If a car alarm goes off, they usually run off."

Several of the attempted burglaries over the last month were caught on video and spoiled by alarms. Residents in the area got together to compare stories and share video and then filed reports with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office.

"Just angry, you know. This is stuff we work hard for that, you know, people come and try to take from us and you just feel violated," the first homeowner added.

Officials with the sheriff's office urge residents in the area to be on guard.

"We're on the lookout, we're going to continue to do our job and do our due diligence but we're asking the public to meet us halfway and just try to lock your vehicles and try to bring your valuables inside with you and avoid this," said Casey Rayborn Hicks, spokeswoman for EBRSO.

The warning was issued a little too late for some in the area but they say the break-ins have helped unite the neighborhood. They added they will be better prepared if it happens again.

"I've met new neighbors I didn't meet before and so now, we have a tighter bond of just alerting each other, 'Hey, did you know this was going on? Make sure you lock your stuff up. Did you know this was happening?' It's been a definite form of our neighbors to make sure this doesn't happen again," explained the second homeowner.

According to Hicks, detectives have linked the three people arrested last week to 12 car burglaries in that area.

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