Police: 2 men arrested on child rape charges, more arrests expected

Police: 2 men arrested on child rape charges, more arrests - 6PM
Darrell Anderson (Source: Wilson Police Department)
Darrell Anderson (Source: Wilson Police Department)
Joe Lloyd (Source: Wilson Police Department)
Joe Lloyd (Source: Wilson Police Department)

WILSON, LA (WAFB) - Two men suspected of raping children were arrested in East Feliciana Parish on Thursday, and police say two more people are wanted in connection to the case. Their arrest warrants have been secured, and they could be taken into custody late Friday or early next week.

The Wilson Police Department reported Darrell Anderson, 40, and Joe Lloyd, 42, are accused of raping a 3-year-old and a 7-year-old. They were both booked on charges of aggravated rape.

Wilson Police Chief Kenny Stewart says Anderson and Lloyd will be interviewed again because they have had a night in jail to process what has happened, then more charges could be added.

"I would say one of them is remorseful, the other one is in denial," Stewart said. "In my eyesight these are predators, and we don't need predators among the people on the street, especially when they involve our children. We don't want them in the community, so we're going to do our very best to remove them."

Detectives said the arrests were made after a months-long investigation. In July 2013, the small children were removed from what Chief Stewart calls deplorable living conditions. Officials say the children opened up when they were in foster care.

"The children revealed to the foster parents some graphic details of things that were happening to them. They felt like they didn't have an out or anyone to talk to at the time," Stewart said.

Many of the 700 people living in the village of Wilson are devastated by the news. Jerry Kay White is a lifelong resident who knows the men arrested and the two girls.

"I was just like, 'Wow, I know them well, it just can't be,'" White said. "They're very pretty girls, and they were always happy and wanting something. I see them in the store, and I'd give them a dollar if I had it, especially the oldest one. I saw her more."

Mayor Marilyn Broadway said many knew the children's living conditions were poor, so they tried to help where they could.

"In this community we try to help one another, even the food pantry, everybody got in trying to give them food. We tried to make everything as easy as possible, we tried to take care of them, comb their hair, send them to school, because the older child wasn't going to school," she said.

Now the community is thinking back, wondering if other alleged victims will come forward.

"[Anderson and Lloyd] come by the park, they play basketball. People now feel uncomfortable with that because they don't know if these people were eyeing their children or not," Stewart said. "At this time we're only suspecting these two children. We're hoping that by seeing the newscast, if there's anyone else who's out there, children or adults who know anything about the case...that they would come forward."

A mother herself, White just hopes the girls get their chance to be kids.

"They're so young, that maybe they can have a happy life right now, wherever they're at with people that love 'em."

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