Former 'Dukes of Hazard' actor opens studio in Holden

Former "Dukes of Hazard" actor opens studio in Holden

HOLDEN, LA (WAFB) - Hollywood south continues to spread across Louisiana. The newest addition is a movie studio in Holden, La off Florida Blvd. It's the first of its kind for Livingston Parish, as well as the famous owner of the property.

Actor John Schneider, best-known for his role as Bo Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard, bought the 58 acre property a year ago. He was searching for a location to shoot a movie and decided that Louisiana has more to offer than Hollywood.

"Here, people are passionate about film making," said Schneider. "If you come here and you're making a movie, it's because you have to, it's in your blood, your soul. If you do it in Los Angles, it's a job and you can't wait until Friday, just like any other job."

The studio has several ideal locations for shooting. The property includes a swamp, baseball field, swimming pool, and an area full of bamboo trees. Schneider explained that this is a great place hone your skills and make great movies.

"It's designed so that you can immerse yourself in the movie that you're making," said Schneider. "You don't have to deal with traffic. You don't have to worry about the restaurant that you're going to tonight, which I find to be very distracting.

"If you want to live and breathe your passion this is exactly what you want," he added.

The movie making has already begun at the studio. It opened for business in January 2014.

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