BESE offers Gov. Jindal compromise over Common Core testing

BESE offers Gov. Jindal compromise over Common Core testing

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - BESE submitted a compromise to Governor Jindal regarding next year's standardized testing. The hope is to reach an agreement in an ongoing dispute regarding Common Core testing.

Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education President Chas Roemer, Vice President Jim Garvey and Secretary-Treasurer Holly Boffy conducted a call for members of the media to discuss the resolution.

"Let me be clear, we are not dropping Common Core at all," Roemer said when addressing the media.

He explained that the compromise would keep Common Core questions on the 2014-15 LEAP tests, but would also integrate Louisiana specific questions. That was a specific request from Governor Jindal.

The compromise was submitted to Governor Jindal on Thursday, July 10. BESE members are scheduled to meet with Governor Jindal on July 17 to "outline a clear path" for moving forward. BESE members are optimistic that the compromise will be well-received.

"It is a step for him, and it requires a step from him," Roemer said.

The governor's Commissioner of Administration, Kristy Nichols, addressed the board's testing proposal during a conference call with reporters. She said because the state testing contracts have not been extended she questions whether BESE obtained PARCC questions legally.

"Who developed those questions and how were the services paid for? Have any of those questions been paid for by the state and how are they suggesting they will acquire future free test questions," Nichols asked.

Roemer said he feels he and BESE have answered and addressed all of the governor's concerns. He says if the governor objects to the proposal, the matter could wind up in court.

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