Officials give tips on keeping safe during lightning strikes

Lightning strikes 2 houses minutes apart

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Two homes were set on fire after lightning hit them during Tuesday's storm. One home was on Kenmore Avenue. Another was on Destrahan Drive.

Luckily no one was inside at the time lightning struck. Zefferino vonKurnatowski owns the home on Kenmore. He said when he got word that his home was burning he didn’t know what to feel.

“I wasn't like flabbergasted or shocked. I just was trying to accept that my house was on fire,” said vonKurnatowski.

On Destrahan, people were already trying to deal with the lightning’s devastation as restoration contractors were uprooting carpet.

Mark Miles with the East Baton Rouge Fire Department said its prime time for lightning strikes between typically occur June and August. He said if you’re inside there is not much that you can do. But if you’re outside, there are ways you can protect yourself even on open water.

“In Louisiana a lot of people are boating this time of year. It is asked that you get to land as soon as you can to try to seek shelter to prevent from something like that to happen to you,” said Miles.

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