Residents concerned about trash in Bayou Plaquemine

Contact 9: Plaquemine residents concerned about trash in Bayou Plaquemine

PLAQUEMINE, LA (WAFB) - Rita Lynn Jackson has lived in Plaquemine her entire life.

"The land I live on now has been in my family for 175 years. This is my roots," she said.

For the last 15 years, she's lived on the bayou and says trash buildup has always been a big issue.

"From egg crates, to garbage cans, to ice chests... and some unmentionables," said Jackson. "This is really miserable for me."

The trash problem isn't only affecting Jackson. It's become a mutual concern for other people who call the bayou home. Like Jackson's neighbor, Chuck Brown.

"Right now I'm having to come out here every week as the water goes down and pick up the residue," Brown said. "I'm doing that, but a lot of people are not, and it looks terrible," he said.

Residents think the garbage is coming from the city's street drainage system and say after years of dealing with the garbage, it's time for the city to act.

"Where's your city council? where are your public officials? You know it's just embarrassing," said Jackson.

Oscar Mellion is the council member overseeing the Bayou Plaquemine district. He says the city knows about the trash problem and has tried to correct it for years.

"We've put booms out to keep the trash in one area. We've picked it up and bagged it up. We've actually had bayou cleanups," Mellion said.

Jackson thinks the solution is simple and doesn't understand why the problem has lasted this long.

"I guarantee you if anyone of those councilmen lived where I lived it would have been taken care of already," Jackson said.

Mellion says changes may be in the near future.

"There are plans being looked at," he said. "Different versions to see how can we prevent this from happening or at least be able to control it."

Jackson plans to voice her concerns along with other residents at the city's next council meeting scheduled for August 12.

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