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Air raid sirens wail in Tel Aviv

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Palestinians throw rocks at Israeli police while Hamas and Israel trade fire. (Source: CBS) Palestinians throw rocks at Israeli police while Hamas and Israel trade fire. (Source: CBS)

WASHINGTON, DC (CBS) - Palestinians clashed with Israeli forces on the streets of the West Bank early on Wednesday.

Rioters threw rocks while police used tear gas.

In the sky, rockets flew over Gaza. Overnight Israel targeted about 160 Hamas terror sites.

Hamas militants have been launching their own rockets at Israel.

Air raid sirens wailed in Tel Aviv on Wednesday morning for a second straight day.

The Israeli army says its rocket defense system intercepted two missiles in the area.

"In general we are calm, although we are a little bit anxious. We took the children to the shelter," said Danny Zeidman, a Tel Aviv resident.

Last month's kidnapping and murder of three Israeli students in the West Bank and the apparent retaliatory killing of a Palestinian teen triggered the latest violence.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told military leaders on Tuesday to take off the gloves.

He's activated 40,000 troops, advising them to prepare for every scenario including a possible ground invasion.

"This really has the makings of a major disaster. The real question is: Is this region at a tipping point as we see conflict potentially now in Israel alongside the civil war in Syria, and an ongoing conflict in Iraq?" asked Retired Col. Jeff McCausland.

The U.S. State Department along with the United Nations condemned the rocket attacks on Israeli civilians.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is calling on the international community to guarantee security for all Palestinians.

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