False River Boat Parade

False River Boat Parade

Hundreds of boats were out today on False River, all for the 32nd annual False River Boat Parade. Dozens of people were out throwing water balloons at each other. Some were enjoying the view from a far on the docks. But, a couple of weeks ago there wasn't a parade. The event was canceled by the original founders, but New Roads Mayor Robert Meyer said he just had to keep the tradition going.

"I saw no choice but to get with the founding members of it and try to form a partnership to keep it going," said Meyer "They were happy about it and as you can see from the number of boats we had out here the citizens are happy about it too."

There were several unique boats to go along with this year's theme: "Made in America". Others stood out from the rest, including a boat that was named "The WalMart People"

Meyer said that he couldn't choose a favorite boat, but he said as long as you're out here, you're all good with him.

"Anybody who took the time out and took the time to celebrate America, that's who I am happy with," said Meyer.

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