Mom invents temporary tattoo to keep kids safe

Mom invents temporary tattoo to keep kids safe
Safety Tat (Source: WAFB)
Safety Tat (Source: WAFB)
For kids, a trip to a theme park, the zoo, or even the local city park can be thrilling, filled with sights and sounds that must be explored. For parents, however, it can be a very different story. 

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - "My fear is always that they would get lost or separated from me and God forbid something happen and someone take them from me. The other thing is if they couldn't find me how would they communicate on how to find us?" said mom Katie Gibbons.

Gibbons is the mom of two young boys who, like most kids, love to play and discover new things.  So when her family took a trip to Disney World she had reason to be a little anxious. 

"We talk to the kids about holding my hand, staying close, and staying by me," said Gibbons. "But in a crowded place like Disney World or a theme park it's just so easy to lose track."

To keep her kids connected, Gibbons had a new trick up her sleeve or rather up her boys' sleeve.  The Safety Tat is a temporary tattoo that parents where parents write their contact information.  If a family gets separated, a child can show their tattoo to someone in charge.   
The Safety Tat was actually invented by a mom Michele Welsh.  She came up with the idea after she used a simple ballpoint pen to write her cell number on her children’s arms during a family trip to a crowded park.  She says the product is especially great for young children.
"We've gotten a lot of feedback from security personnel who say how much of their time is spent looking for someone named Mommy,” said Welsh.  “Young kids sometimes really don't know their parent's mobile phone number or sometimes don't know their parent's name in order to effectively communicate how to get them reunited with a parent."
It's not just the parents who get a little peace of mind. Welsh says that the tattoo also empowers kids and helps them to stay calm when they find themselves in a frightening situation. 
The Safety Tats don't stop with phone numbers.  Welsh’s nephew suffers from a severe peanut allergy.  After he was hospitalized several times because of accidental exposures, Welsh created Medical Safety Tats that can list allergies or other medical conditions.  That way, any medical concerns are easy to spot if a child is away from home or with new caretakers.  
The tattoos are available online here, and in about 200 stores nationwide.  A six-pack starts at about $11 dollars, and they last up to a week.
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