FBI investigates case of missing 12-year-old girl

FBI investigates case of missing 12-year-old girl - 5 PM coverage

ST. JAMES, LA (WAFB) - The effort to find a missing 12-year-old girl is now getting help from federal investigators as the search continues.

Talaija Dorsey, 12, of St. James, was last seen at her home on Pecan Street early Tuesday morning. A command post has been set up at Fifth Ward Elementary School.

Neighbors from across St. James Parish have volunteered their time to help in the search for the missing girl. However, family members said they were called off because the FBI is now investigating.

John Celestine, 42, also of St. James, was arrested Wednesday. He is the fiancé of the girl's mother. He is charged with obstruction of justice and false reports in connection with Dorsey's disappearance.

An aunt of the missing girl said family and friends are praying Celestine will say something that would lead them to Dorsey.

The family is spending the day together and added things have been so hectic over the past few days that they are just thankful things have been calm so far Thursday and have the opportunity to be together as a family. They want to focus on being a family and finding Dorsey.

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