Owner of dog shot by probation officer stands by his story

Owner of dog shot by probation officer stands by his story

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - Patrick Garner says his life has been a nightmare since late May when his nine-year old pit bull was shot and killed in his Denham Springs driveway by a state probation and parole officer.

"She could have gotten back in the car, she could have mased the dog, she could have tased it or anything," Garner said. "That should have been the last resort, not the first."

It happened just after the two officers drove up to Garner's house to take a woman into custody, believed to be living at that address. Garner answered the door and says while one officer was a feet away in the driveway, the other stayed in the car. Garner says that officer then got out of the vehicle when she saw the dog running down the driveway.

"The dog slipped out by me and got out and I chased behind it," said Garner. "The woman pulled her gun and shot it right here".

The shooting caught the attention of the Humane Society of Louisiana who sent out a news release. While they're not affiliated with the national humane society, Louisiana Director Jeff Dorson says their mission is the same and he has some strong feelings on this case.

"We stand by Mr. Garner's version of events and will stand with him as we seek justice both criminally and civilly against this officer," Dorson said.

The Louisiana Department of Corrections has a slightly different version of events.

"No officer wants to pull their weapon for any reason, whether it's on a suspect or an animal," said DOC spokeswoman, Pam Laborde.

Laborde says the information Dorson and the Human Society of Louisiana is giving out, like the dog being friendly and the officer getting out of her vehicle to shoot it, is false.

"She was outside of the car. She was trying to get into the car to avoid having contact with the dog, but everything happened so quickly," Laborde said.

Garner says he plans on seeking legal counsel against the officer.