Think Fast: What would you do if you were grabbed from behind?

Think Fast: What would you do if you were grabbed from behind?

(WTOC/WAFB) - According to the FBI, nearly every 40 seconds someone is assaulted.

Many of us say to ourselves, "that'll never happen to me." However, experts say you should be prepared for anything.

Police say most people who are assaulted are easy targets because they were not aware of their surroundings.

Technology is one of the biggest problems because people are too busy looking down at their phones that they forget about the world around them.

Imagine you are out on a run as part of your daily routine. Out of nowhere, a man who has been stalking your every move pops out from behind a tree, grabbing you from behind.

Think fast! What are you going to do?

"One of the worst things we can do as citizens is believe that it will never happen to me," said Sgt. Hiram Rivera.

Rivera is a training instructor for the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department. He said always be prepared and learn a thing or two about self defense.

"The most important thing you can do is be vocal, and be loud," said Sgt. Rivera.

He said screaming is beneficial in two ways: it alerts people around you, and it keeps your airway open while you are fighting to get away.

Sgt. Rivera demonstrated how people can get out of these sticky situations.

"At this particular point, you can take your foot and either strike the knee area or you can ram it at top of the foot," said Sgt. Rivera.

He said this should injure the person enough to allow you to break his hands away, but what if you're being choked?

"So if someone comes from behind you and wraps their arm around your neck, you want to immediately grab up on the forearm here and keep them from choking you and closing off your airway," said Sgt. Rivera.

Then, you want to turn your body so it's perpendicular to your assailant.

"From here, you drop to your knees and that will cause me to lose balance and you end up pulling my arm forward," said Sgt. Rivera.

At that point you should be able to escape.

But there are ways you can try to prevent yourself from being in this situation altogether:

Avoid distractions like iPods and cell phones

Keep your head up if you are running or walking

Make eye contact with other patrons

"Most predators that are out and about are looking for an easy victim," said Sgt. Rivera.

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