Amite councilman introduces amendments to help repair image

Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

AMITE, LA (WAFB) - It's been just under a month since Amite Town Councilman Jonathan Foster used a racial slur  towards another council member at City Hall.

His actions caught the entire community off guard. While Tuesday's meeting was relatively uneventful there could soon be some measures in place to change that.

The Amite Town Council Meeting had little on the agenda except two amendments of current ordinances authored by Councilman Neil Currier.

Currier was looking to require all council members to sit at their respective seats and stay until the meeting is adjourned in order to earn their pay.

The current exception is Councilman Jonathan Foster who like he normally does sits in the section reserved for the public.  Currier says there's  no place for that type of division on the council.

"I feel like we should all be adults and we should conduct ourselves and I just don't think that's the right way to go about it," Currier says.  "I'm not saying if you disagree with something you shouldn't voice your opinion I just don't think that's the correct way to go about it."

Foster walked out of the meeting before it was adjourned, but had little to say when we tracked him down outside.

Do you feel like you're being targeted with these amendments and ordinances? He said he didn't have any comment.

Amite Mayor Buddy Bell says he's not sure if the council will approve the proposed measures, but adds he's concerned about the town's image.

"We elected officials probably have a higher standard because we're representing the people," the mayor says.  "We're not just representing our own views and opinions."

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