Lawmakers subpoena federal VA officials, demand answers about LA problems

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - State lawmakers are demanding answers from the Federal Government about reported problems surrounding Louisiana VA hospitals and clinics concerning veterans receiving treatment.

State leaders asked for a Federal VA representative to address the problems Friday during a House Military Committee meeting. However, Federal VA officials refused to attend, so now lawmakers are issuing a subpoena.

"We had a VA employee that couldn't get care within the VA. He's a VA police officer. He's the lone survivor of a Blackhawk accident, 100 percent rated. He was told by a physician that he needed care for prostate cancer immediately. And his own employer, the VA, told him that they couldn't get it in time," said Louisiana Veterans Affairs Secretary David Lacerte.

The committee chairman admits that federal officials may never see the subpoena, but the committee hopes it will send a message.

Friday's hearing was the result of several reports that Louisiana veterans were facing long wait times for health care.

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