Approved BR budget plan targets public safety improvements

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The new budget supplement plan the city of Baton Rouge approved, could change life in some areas in the city. Many areas have no sidewalks and people are force to walk in the streets. Mayor Kip Holden proposed the budget so the city could get the ball rolling on working on that problem. Holden said one of the roads that will be target is Hanks Dr.

"Hanks Dr. have been one of the streets people have been talking about a long time," said Holden. "Thank God we could get to a street that was on the agenda even before I became mayor.

Money will also be used for public safety improvements, which includes restoring fire vehicles and equipment.

Holden said this is a top priority for the city because it could tax payers extra money.

"If we have any kind of flaw in our rating for the fire department the people would have to pay more in insurance," said Holden.

There will also be a "Way Home" program. Councilwoman Ronnie Edwards said it will provide one way bus tickets for the homeless to help them get back to love ones.

"When a person is in Baton Rouge and is stuck and they can't get to their family, I think it's really critical and morally good that we provide some additional help to get them back home," said Edwards.

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