Man on trial, accused of shooting pregnant wife in the back

Frank Atkins (Source: BRPD)
Frank Atkins (Source: BRPD)
Kayla Atkins
Kayla Atkins

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Kayla Atkins took the stand Thursday against her husband. She's paralyzed from the neck down after her husband at the time, Frank Atkins, allegedly shot her four times back in June of 2012.

Kayla Atkins was almost six months pregnant at the time. Just days later, while she was in the hospital, she prematurely delivered her child, a daughter. The child lived for just an hour. Because of that, Frank Atkins is on trial for second degree homicide.

"Obviously you have a child that's dead, you have a woman that's shot multiple times at very close range. You have a history of abuse. This is a sad case," District Attorney Hillar Moore says.

On the stand, Kayla Atkins often looked at Frank. He, however, never even glanced her way during the more than one hour testimony. In June 2012 she and her husband were separated, and she was going over to his house to drop off a cell phone.

She testified that as he approached the vehicle she was riding in on the passenger side, he yelled out, "You think I'm gonna just let you leave me?" Then he started shooting, testified Kayla. The prosecution then played a grainy videotape taken from a nearby convenience store which they say shows Frank Atkins at the shooting scene.

Jarvis Antoine is Frank Atkins' court appointed attorney. When asked how he expected to get around an eyewitness, Antoine replied, "It's difficult, it's difficult. It's even more difficult to get around video; it's a rough road ahead of us."

Prosecutors say they are confident of their case and think the six men and six women jury should not have a very long deliberation in this case.

"It is unusual for us to have some evidence of this nature. Basically a homicide with a victim is what we really have here. It is unusual, you know we take them one at a time. Every case is difficult and has unique differences; this is one were confident in," says Hillar Moore.

Closing arguments begin at 9 AM on Friday.

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