Parents upset after finding daycare closed

Universal Children's Learning Academy (Source: WAFB)
Universal Children's Learning Academy (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Moms were furious outside the Universal Children's Learning Academy off of Florida Boulevard.  Many parents planned to drop their kids off, but that was shattered as they found the doors to the daycare locked. There wasn't a sign or any notice on the door. Ronnice Johnson was one of the many upset mothers who had to miss work.

"They have taken our money and our kids' daycare is already paid for the week," said Johnson. "We are not able to go in and there is nothing in the building."

Johnson said one of the owners of the daycare called her grandmother the night before. The owner informed them that the daycare was in some serious debt and they would have to close, but Johnson believes she was getting ripped off.

"So you made your money and now you're not here," said Johnson. "You could at least have some common courtesy to stand outside and let us know or put a sign out."

WAFB tried to contact the owner, but he did not want to talk to us. Johnson said all she wants is her money back.

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