Annexation lawyers must file motions by July 7

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Lawyers in the Mall of Louisiana Annexation have 15 days to file any and all motions. At a hearing Monday, both attorneys argued which law applies to decide whether the mall is inside Baton Rouge or outside city limits – state law or the city's plan of government.

One of the issues is whether Woody Jenkins who filed the suit saying the annexation is illegal can even contest it.

"He needs to have a real stake in the outcome of the controversy," says Mary Olive Pierson, attorney for city of Baton Rouge. "He doesn't live in the area to be annexed. His tax basis will not be changed. Nothing will happen to him."

"I think that to interpret the law in such a fashion that the citizens are not able to place any kind of emphasis on the way it works is a big mistake and I certainly hope the court does not rule in that fashion," says Attorney Alex St. Amant.

Both lawyers have until July 7 to file anything and then it's up to the judge.

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