Contact 9 Follow-up: Rotten tires in North Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - In a Contact 9 follow-up, a man pleaded not guilty in court Monday for dumping old tires on his neighbor's property. Sidney Green told WAFB's Cheryl Mercedes he dumped the tires on the property and now he says he didn't do it. The trial is set for August 15.

As for the pile of tires, the man who owns the property says they are still there and he is calling mosquito control to treat what has become a nasty problem.

The old rotten tires and rodents are taking over the vacant lot near some big businesses in North Baton Rouge.

The property owner said for three months he has complained to state, parish, and city leaders. He is still waiting for them to take action.

Real estate business owner, Val Lowery, said he sees every time he leaves his office. He said the tires suddenly appeared last December.

"I've been trying to get them removed for the last six months. Those tires were illegally dumped by a man named Sidney Green," Lowery said.

Green lives next door to Lowery's property. Lowery said his neighbor has admitted, more than once, that the tires are his and that he planned to move them. But the pile, Lowery said, kept growing.

"He was in and out with a truck and I thought he was moving the tires and I discovered during the night he was adding more," Lowery said.

The tires are more than an eyesore. They have created a health hazard too. Standing water, swarms of mosquitoes, and spider webs are visible. Lowery said there is more.

"There are roaches, rats, mosquitoes, and snakes. I've actually seen all of these things. I'm afraid to go to my storage shed."

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