Convicted felon arrested for firing gun during argument with woman

Kerri C. Haynes (Source: EBRSO)
Kerri C. Haynes (Source: EBRSO)

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - A man was arrested after a woman told deputies he threatened herlife, grabbed her gun and then fired two times.

According to the probable cause report submitted by the EastBaton Rouge Sheriff's Office, the incident happened on Wednesday, June 18 atroughly 9 p.m. It started when deputies were sent to investigate a call aboutshots fired in Baker on Old Baker Road.

"Upon arriving to the area, [Kerri C. Haynes] was seen runningbehind trailers and eventually found lying near a trailer," the deputy noted inthe report.

The victim told deputies she was involved in a verbal argumentwith Haynes. She claims he went into her purse and took her .38 caliberrevolver. At that point she ran outside and he allegedly followed her.

"The victim then stated that he told her that he would kill herand beat her to where no one would recognize her," the deputy noted. "At thispoint [Haynes] fired one shot in an unknown direction. The victim stated thatshe then ran and heard another shot go off."

Additional witnesses told the deputy that they saw Haynes firethe gun into the ground near the victim's vehicle.

After a check of Hayne's history, the deputy learned he is aconvicted felon. One charge noted was for simple burglary in 1997.

Haynes was arrested and charged with felon in possession of afirearm, illegal discharge of a firearm, and aggravated assault. He was bookedinto the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

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