Annexed or not? Opinions differ

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A former State Representative says a top Baton Rouge City official who believes the Mall of Louisiana and Baton Rouge General are already annexed is wrong.

In an inner departmental memo sent Wednesday, the city's chief administrative officer William Daniel said those two big players became part of Baton Rouge last Friday per the plan of government.

That after the city said last week –it was put on hold because of a lawsuit from former State Rep. Woody Jenkins. Jenkins says the marriage was illegal. He contends the annexations are on hold until a judge rules because state law trumps any plan of government.

"General state law on annexation trumps anything in the plan of government contrary to it, but that's not to say the plan of government isn't important because an annexation has to meet the requirements of both state law and of the plan of government, but under either one, this annexation is illegal," Jenkins said. "It doesn't meet the tests established by law."

"Those annexations are valid and those are valid in effect in those areas annexed into the city of Baton Rouge as per the ordinances until the court later says they're un-annexed," says Mary Olive Pierson, a lawyer who represents the city.

One agency this annexation effects is Baton Rouge Police.

BRPD tells us they have assigned an officer to the mall effective immediately.

Judge Janice Clark has a status hearing scheduled for Monday afternoon at 1 p.m.

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