Police warn residents about spike in car burglaries

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - Authorities are warning residents to watch out for the recent jump in car burglaries. Denham Spring's police have already arrested 6 suspects in connection with vehicle burglaries. Officers said most of the suspects are teens.

"We've had numerous burglaries in the last couple weeks in Denham Estates off Cockerham Rd, "said Det. Glenn Lemoine with Denham Springs Police Dept.  "Several went during the middle of the night and broke in to several vehicles."

What was surprising, he said, was the answers some gave as to why.

"The ones we arrested explained to use that they were bored," said Lemoine. "Some of them told us it was for the adrenaline. And some of them said they were burglarizing these vehicles because they were going to sell the property for money."

Don Stone with Baton Rouge Crime Stoppers, said Denham Springs won't be the only city that will have issues with mischievous teens.

"Every community sees a slight spike in burglaries during the summer time," said Stone. "It's just because these juveniles are bored and they're out on the streets looking for something to do."

Experts said one way to slow down thieves is by hiding your items. But the most effective way is by locking your doors.

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