Newly-formed Webb Park Association ready to create big identity

EAST BATON ROUGE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - The newly-formed Webb Park Civic Association held its inaugural meeting Tuesday night. The community has been a fixture in Mid-City Baton Rouge for nearly seventy years and hundreds of home-owners in the area like Alicia Coenen are now banding together to try and keep it that way.

"We don't have an identification right now and that's what we're hoping with this civic association is bring a big identity or bring an identity for everyone in this area," said Coenen.

Dozens packed the room for the meeting that featured presentations from BREC and several non-profit organizations. Dr. Blake May is one of the organizers of the push to create the Association and says the movement is about instilling a sense of pride in those who live in the area.

"It already is a vibrant community and I think it's just going to get better and better and we're hoping to be at the forefront of that. We're hoping to affect policy and affect how our neighborhood and how our community is developed in the coming years," said May.

Coenen who already has one son and plans to watch her young family grow in Webb Park says there is nothing else more important.

"As they grow up they can remember living in Webb Park and walking to the park and going to movie nights or things of that nature," said Coenen.

May says the next major step for the Webb Park Civic Association will be to elect a governing board within the month, which will in turn appoint officers and move the group forward.

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