Officials catch fake Brusly police officer

Arthur McKinney (Source: West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office)
Arthur McKinney (Source: West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office)

BRUSLY, LA (WAFB) - Police believe they have a person who has repeatedly posed as a Brusly police officer. Brusly Interim Police Chief Richie Johnson said he received several calls about a possible fake cop last year.

"Two of the occasions were involving a wreck and two occasions it involved the suspect trying to return merchandise or write a check to a business establishment," said Johnson.

Friday, one of the businesses that were tricked called the Brusly office and gave a name and description of the suspect. Authorities brought in Arthur Jay McKinney for questioning. After some time Johnson said he found out McKinney was flashing a security badge to people to make him seem legit.

"Nobody questioned him," said Johnson. "They see something shiny and it looked like it was in a credential case so nobody asked him for any further identification."

Something Johnson said many would fall for because they simply don't know. But he said there are ways to weed out the fakes.

"What you want to see to verify if the badge is real or not is a commission card from the Secretary of State's office," said Johnson.

Mckinney was also arrested for allegedly driving with a suspended license. He could also face more charges as the investigation continues.

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