Jindal vetoes bill to ban dogs from truck beds

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Governor Jindal vetoed a bill that would have outlawed dogs frombeing transported in the back of a pickup truck.

House Bill 1091 proposed a fine of $150 for drivers caught witha loose dog in the back of a moving truck, and an additional $50 fine for theanimal. The bill was authored by Rep. Thomas Willmott (R)-Kenner.

Although the bill made its way through legislature, GovernorJindal issued the veto, stating that it would "place a significant burden onour citizens, particularly those who reside in rural areas, while providingquestionable benefit to their pets."

Rep. Willmontt defended the bill when it was presented in committeeby saying that his interest was to for travel on major roads.

"You can put them in a crate. You can use aleash, collar, or whatever. They have trolley systems you can use. There's allkind of different devices you can use. All I'm saying is that you have to usethem on the major roadways that we have in the state of Louisiana which is theinterstate system," Willmott said.

In his letter, Gov. Jindal additionally defended the veto bystating that the current animal cruelty laws are sufficient.

"…I trust that our citizens can care for their pets without thenanny state intervening to dictate how a dog is secured in the bed of a pickuptruck."