New law could force abortion clinics to close

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Gov. Bobby Jindal has added two new laws to the books that he says are to protect women and unborn children. One of the new laws, known as the "Unsafe Abortion Protection Act", could also shut down a local clinic.

Everyday the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge is open, there is a group of protesters on the sidewalk. Some hold a rosary, one had a cross, and there are others who offer pamplets to drivers who turn in and out of the clinic.

"Are you my Jesus?" a woman yelled, as she drove out of the parking lot.

The group is not welcomed by everyone. But for 35 years, it's what Richard Mahoney and his wife have done.

"My wife and I have 11 children and 13 grandchildren," said Mahoney.

Thursday, their cause got a strong boost when Jindal signed the new abortion laws.

"Whatever your perspective, you just read these bills and think - Why wasn't that already law?" Jindal said before a group in Monroe.

One of the pro-life pieces of legislation, is House Bill 388. It will require any physician who performs abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital, not more than 30 miles from where the procedure is done.

Supporters say the law would force abortion providers to be held to the same standards as other doctors, in case of complications with the procedure.

"This bill could possibly shut them down," said Mahoney, pointing to the clinic in Baton Rouge.

Delta Clinic, near Goodwood and Colonial Drive, is the only local place where abortions are done. The only clinic in New Orleans would also be affected.

In other states with similar laws, abortion providers have been denied admitting privileges from hospitals that oppose the procedure or want no part of the controversy.

"Today, because of our hard work, Louisiana has been declared the most pro-life state," Jindal said.

9 News also reached out to the Delta Clinic, to get their take on the new law. Our questions went unanswered.

The new law takes effect Sept. 1.

The other new law, says no individual or organization that performs abortions can provide materials to schools that recieve state money.

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