WAFB Department Listing

If you have a question or comment call us at 225-383-9999 .... toll free at 800-324-7875 ... write us at 844 Government Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802 .... or email us at one of the addresses below ... please direct your inquiry to the proper WAFB department.

Operations: rcorrente@wafb.com

News/Assignment Desk: news@wafb.com

Weather: wafbweather@wafb.com

Sports: sports@wafb.com

Syndicated and Network Programming: kkedroske@wafb.com

Marketing/Promotions: cblades@wafb.com

Engineering: sfolse@wafb.com

Production: cblades@wafb.com

General Manager, Ronna Corrente: rcorrente@wafb.com (225-215-4700)

News Assignment Desk, Rachel Weinstein: rweinstein@wafb.com (225-215-4801)

News Director, Robb Hays: rhays@wafb.com (225-215-4800)

General Sales Manager, Chris Tingle: ctingle@wafb.com (225-215-4701)

National Sales Manager, Lauren-Jane Giacone: lgiacone@wafb.com (225-215-4710)

Local Sales Manager, Janet Connella: jconnella@wafb.com (225-215-4704)

Local Sales Manager, Heidi Burris: hburris@wafb.com (225-215-4726)

Digital Sales Manager, Kelly Lee: kellylee@wafb.com (225-215-4731)

Digital Sales, Morgan Bollinger: mbollinger@wafb.com (225-215-4722)

Digital Sales Specialist, Marcus McGehee: mmcgehee@wafb.com (225-215-4720)

Creative Services Director, Chris Blades: cblades@wafb.com (225-215-4749)

Chief Engineer, Sidney Folse: sfolse@wafb.com (225-215-4750)

Director of Digital Media, Samantha Morgan: samanthamorgan@wafb.com (225-215-4805)

Digital Marketing Manager, Jeff Marshall: jmarshall@wafb.com (225-215-4761)