Councilwoman Banks-Daniel responds to controversial emails

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Baton Rouge Metro Council Member Chauna Banks-Daniel Wednesday explained comments she made in an email to a job candidate that resulted in a letter to Mayor Kip Holden's office.

The letter drafted by Attorney Jill Craft on behalf of Loretta Robillard, claims Banks-Daniel formerly offered Robillard the manager position at the Jewel Newman Community Center in Scotlandville on May 1 and then rescinded the offer.

Banks-Daniel admitted to WAFB she told Robillard she planned on hiring her for the position, but in the two weeks after that decision she changed her mind based on what she describes as a series of argumentative emails from Robillard.

"You can't be in a position where you're in a fight and because of the fact that much of my time after work is working within the constituency, I don't want have to argue with anybody," said Banks-Daniel.

Robillard and Craft sent Mayor Holden's office a letter highlighting several comments from Banks-Daniel to Robillard about people who work for her including, "My wants and desires trumps (sic) everyone else's (sic) and they understand that."

The letter claims the email also said, "People work for me understand submitting to my earthly authority has nothing to do with me, but has everything to do with God honoring everything we do with success."

WAFB asked Banks-Daniel about the comments and she said her views are based on her religious beliefs that people including her, should defer to others in positions of higher authority.

"It really doesn't have anything to do with me. It's just this is the way you get ahead in life. In this system you submit to God's authority or police authority that's all that was about," said Banks-Daniel.

Banks-Daniel also says the timing of the letter surprised her and thinks it is a product of her decision not to hire Robillard for the position after all.

"It shows character," said Banks-Daniel. "It points straight to her character and I didn't know it was that bad but it absolutely shows and confirms I made the right decision not to move forward."

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