First responders urge parents not to leave children in hot car

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - First Responders are sounding the alarm for parents to stay aware of the dangers of the summer. One of them is leaving your child in a car. Emergency officials say already this year, there have been several cases where a kid has been left in a car. They say it only takes a couple minutes for a child's core temperature to increase to 100 degrees.

"I've been on a call before where the child locked himself in the car from the inside," said Baton Rouge EMS spokesman Mike Chutz. "The parent was only gone for 30 seconds to a minute."

The Baton Rouge Fire Department also responds to those types of calls. Spokesman Curt Monte' says in those situations cars can heat up so quickly that seconds count. He adds they will do whatever is necessary to get the child out.

"Property at that time doesn't matter," said Monte. "We're going to break windows or use hydraulic tools to tear doors off the vehicle. We'll do whatever we can do so we can quickly get a child or infant out of that situation."

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