Officials: Deputy forced to shoot, kill dog after attack

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Two dogs are being held in the East Baton Rouge Animal Shelter after an attack that resulted in the death of two dogs.

According to the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, the incident happened shortly after 9 a.m. at a home located on Metairie Ave. A deputy was patrolling when he saw two German shepherd roaming the area.

"[They were] aggressively chasing a cat through the neighborhood," said Casey Hicks, EBRSO. "The cat was able to elude the two dogs and the deputy asked residents of the area if they knew who owned the dogs…The owner could not be located, so the deputy called Animal Control to respond to take custody of the dogs."

Before Animal Control officers arrived, the deputy witnessed the two dogs attacking a small poodle that was chained in the backyard of a home.

"The deputy yelled at the dogs and the larger of the two charged at [him]," Hicks explained. "The deputy shot the dog once and the dog fell. The dog was able to get up and again charged at the deputy who shot the dog a second time, which the dog fell to the ground deceased."

The deputy was not injured.

The poodle survived the attack, but was seriously injured. It was transported to the EBR Animal Shelter.

"[The poodle] had a punctured lung, broken leg and its throat was totally mauled," said Hilton Cole, director of EBR Animal Control & Rescue. "It was humanly euthanized. Its injuries were too severe."

The second dog involved in the attack was later located with its owners. Investigators determined that the three dogs were in the yard unattended prior to the incident.

"The dogs had the capability of hitting the handle of the gate and unlatching it. They knew how to open the gate like a human," Cole explained. "It takes a very smart dog to determine how to unlatch a gate like that. The owner claims that he knew one dog had that ability, but not the other one."

The surviving dogs were transported to the shelter for evaluation.

"The dog that did the mauling was declared dangerous," Cole explained. "The one that never escaped the yard is declared potentially dangerous."

Cole noted that the owner can take the potentially dangerous dog home, but the one listed as dangerous could be euthanized.

"The owner has ten days to appeal the decision," Cole explained. "If the owner appeals the decision, then that appeal is heard at the parish attorney's office."

Cole noted that the owner is being "cooperative" and the dogs were properly registered. The owner will only be responsible for fines issued by the shelter.

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