Teachers learning how to teach typing to elementary school students

ASCENSION PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Elementary school students in Ascension Parish will learn a new skill when they return to school in August. Their teachers took a crash course in keyboarding on Tuesday to teach their students the basics.

"Pencil and paper writing is pretty much out of the window," Librarian Jody Delatte said.

Because most students are taking notes and some tests on the computer, elementary school teachers are learning how to show their students how to type properly.

"With third to fifth graders, we probably use the computer every time I see them," Delatte said.

The teachers got a refresher course in posture, hand positioning, and which fingers to use to press corresponding keys.

Enrichment Teacher Amanda Babin said it can be a complicated task for young students

"I'm thinking about my kindergartners. They're poor fingers are not big enough to reach from key to key yet and some don't know their letters," Babin said.

High School Business Teacher Stacey Thomasson used a guessing game that involves touch to demonstrate a lesson in keyboarding. Activities like that one are meant to make the transition from paper to PC easier. Thomasson said it is not about how many words the students can type in a minute.

"What we want them to do is to type their words accurately. It's important that they spell things correctly and that they know where their keys are," Thomasson said.

Teachers said it has been especially tough with smart devices that only require two thumbs to type.

"A lot of them want to put their fingers on my laptop screen like they do with their iPads so it's going to be a challenge," Delatte aid.

But it is a challenge the teachers said will benefit them and students in the long run.

The teachers will begin teaching elementary school students basic keyboarding next school year.

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