Social media campaign 'Littergrams' sweeps through state to clean up La.

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A new way to clean up Louisiana has gone digital. If areas within the state are frequently littered, you can now report it with your smartphone. Organizers hope the snapshots will help identify trouble spots in need of a cleanup.

A lot of unnatural habitants, such as bottles, cans, and other litter, are swimming in the drainage canal which is home to many turtles and fish.

A new digital campaign against littering has formed from the 'Keep Louisiana Beautiful' organization. It's called Littergrams. They want you to take a picture or video of any litter you see, then upload  it to Instagram with the location.

Executive Director Leigh Harris says this is the first time the organization is crowdsourcing Louisiana's litter problem.

In order to be effective, they are asking users to turn on location-sharing services for the Instagram application. Littergrams have come in from across the state, including New Orleans, Grand Isle, and Monroe.

"It's the whole awareness kind of idea. If you see it, and you take a picture of it and you post it and you pick up that item, it's probably going to make you and whoever's with you at the time think twice about littering yourself," added Harris.

Keep in mind, by turning on your location within Instagram, other users will be able to see all of your photos are taken. You can turn it back off at any time.