Day 1: My travels begin

HOUSTON, TX (WAFB) - And so begins my whirlwind 2-week trip through Europe! I'm honored to be among 13 broadcast journalists selected from around the country for this fellowship.

Sponsored by the RIAS Berlin Kommission, the program will feature briefings with top-level German political, business and media figures in Berlin, discussions with municipal officials in the former East German city of Dresden, meetings with international organizations in Prague, Czech Republic, and will conclude with meetings in Brussels, Belgium at the EU and NATO.

Having lived in Germany as an exchange student for almost two years, I'm thrilled to return for the first time since 2005. Experiencing the country in a professional capacity will be quite a different adventure. I'm excited for the opportunity and the access!

My trip will conclude in Düsseldorf with a visit to my host family with whom I lived for ten months in 2002-03.

I'm equipped with a GoPro and a still camera, so expect plenty of pictures. But first things first ... where's that good German beer I've missed?!