Social media group utlizing skills to cover Miss USA

Erin Fulbright is covering the Miss USA Pageant for Visit Baton Rouge.
Erin Fulbright is covering the Miss USA Pageant for Visit Baton Rouge.

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - They're part of a group called the Baton Rouge Social Media Association. And this week they're putting those skills to good use.

Several of the members are covering the Miss USA Pageant – facebooking, tweeting, and instagramming- every move the ladies make.

They've covered various places and events hosting the contestants such as the Nottoway Plantation, Tony's Seafood, and the Preliminary competition. The pageant will be held on Sunday, June 8 at the River Center.

"It's rather exciting," says Erin Fulbright who is a member of Baton Rouge Social Media. " I've never been big on pageants, but experiencing all this and getting to know the ladies made me more interested. Now I want to watch."

Fulbright said members of the group approached Visit Baton Rouge and volunteered their services. Then applied for media credentials.

"I was lucky enough to be a part of it," says Fulbright who works as a media specialist at Southern University. "People get to see my work and my creativity. We show them how Miss USA contestants are connecting to Baton Rouge and how great Baton Rouge is."

She says it's been fun getting to know the contestants too.

"The girls are just like us. They're humble, sweet, and just regular girls."

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