Life looking normal for some in Assumption Parish

Flooding on May 29,2014
Flooding on May 29,2014

ASSUMPTION PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Life for some in Assumption Parish has returned to normal. Last week's storm caused massive flooding in the area. Flood waters impacted a cemetery in Belle Rose.  Several graves were floating away, as people desperately rushed to anchor them down. A week later, those put to rest, were in their proper places.  Rev. Rodney Dugas, of Rose Hill Baptist Church, said while he has seen flooding before, it never gets easy to deal with.

"Being in a pastoral position you begin to take on a much deeper sensitivity, in regards to your members," said Dugas. "You being to share their experiences."

Daggs St. was also hit hard by the storm. Piles of destroyed belongings were put out by the road. Crews were also out, digging what looked to be a deeper or wider drainage system.

John Boudreaux, Director of the Assumption Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, said last week's storm was unexpected . He added the parish is already making improvements with more input.

"Things are being looked at,  not only by the parish, but some of the state agencies to assist in some of the hydrology work," said Boudreaux.

Officials also said the damage assessment has been completed and turned in to the state.

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