Some Baton Rouge Walmart employees join nationwide protest

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Some employees at a Baton Rouge Walmart joined other store employees across the country Wednesday in walking off the job.

About a dozen employees showed up dressed in neon green shirts and were holding posters.

They are striking against what they claim are illegal firings and disciplinary action taken against their co-workers who have spoken out about poor pay, unfair scheduling and unaffordable health insurance.

They are calling Walmart's new CEO to commit to moving the company in a better direction.

"Our Walmart has five workers who are not scared to stand up. We might get fired but we're still standing up for what's right. We all hope to be re-established. We all love our jobs but Walmart could treat us a lot better though," said former Walmart employee Brandon Garrett.

Some of the protesters plan to take their concerns to the company's annual shareholder meeting on Friday in Arkansas.

Walmart sent a response via YouTube that can be seen here:

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