Aftermath of heavy floods leave streets lined with debris

DARROW, LA (WAFB) - People whose homes were flooded in Ascension Parish last week are taking their frustrations to their elected officials. They are still drying and cleaning their houses after heavy rains pushed water into their homes.

The water has receded and Mother Nature has shined a light on the damage left in Astroland Subdivision. Residents are taking advantage of the break in the rain by clearing and cleaning their homes, salvaging what they can. The debris is lining along their neighborhood curbsides.

"We managed to get all of the water out, taken out the carpets, a lot of the furniture that's ruined," Netira Davis said.

Davis' house is at the front of the subdivision. While her home did not take in as much water as some, it did just enough to put her in a bad way.

"The disorder with everything being everywhere in my house, the smell that's back here has been horrific," Davis said.

Her neighbor, Reginald Sims and his family spent the morning gutting their home. They lost nearly everything.

"It's been hectic. When you are displaced from your home, it's a problem," Sims said.

People who live there said they never dreamed their houses would flood.

"I heard from other people back here it rained like this but never happened like this. I don't know what the answers are," Sims said.

Ascension Parish councilman, Travis Turner, who toured the area during last week's downpours said he was looking into whether the pumps were turned on ahead of the storms and whether new construction in the area may have contributed to the massive flood.

"We don't want to make new growth hurt the residents that have been here their whole life. We need to find a way from this happening ever again," Turner said.

Sims said he is not waiting for a solution.

"We're moving because we don't want this to happen again," Sims said.

Davis said she is staying put and plans to press parish leaders for an explanation.

"Something went wrong. Someone is responsible and someone needs to be held accountable for their actions," Davis said.

A spokesman for the Ascension Parish Government said the Drainage Director, Bill Roux, will discuss the recent floods on Monday night at the East Ascension Drainage Board meeting.

It will be held in Gonzales at the parish council chambers at 6 p.m.

The parish is picking up storm debris at the request of residents. To schedule the service, call (225) 450-1013.

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