French Settlement PD conducts seatbelt check

FRENCH SETTLEMENT, LA (WAFB) - Officers with the French Settlement Police Department conducted a seatbelt check Sunday on Highway 444 as part of the national Click It or Ticket campaign.

"This is just a safety intervention and we would love to see a 100 percent compliance so everybody goes home safely," said Assistant Police Chief Lawrence Callender.

Officers stopped more than 550 cars, and each properly restrained child left with a toy for added reinforcement. Brandi Lee's young daughter was among that group but Lee says, toy or no toy, her family always buckles up.

"It's safety first always. You have to be safe because in an accident we don't want anyone going out of this vehicle," said Lee.

In Livingston Parish specifically, the stat from the Highway Commission shows that about 60 percent of the fatal accidents are caused from people not buckling up, so just buckling up can reduce the fatalities in Livingston Parish by 50 percent and that's good.

Troop A of the Louisiana State Police worked 12 accidents with 16 fatalities in the month of May. Four of Troop A's fatal accidents in May involved unrestrained passengers. Louisiana State Police officials say it's a high number despite part of May being dedicated to the Click It or Ticket campaign.

"People are probably very familiar with it and have seen the commercials on TV but still there are people out there that choose not to wear that seatbelt so that's why law enforcement is going to be out there enforcing that seatbelt law making sure people have it, not just on the highways or interstates but even on city streets as well," said Trooper Jared Sandifer.

Lee says wearing seatbelts as a safety precaution makes perfect sense to her.

"Seatbelts are, they save lives bottom line so we wear them always and that's just how it should be," said Lee.

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