City of Sorrento sees nearly eight inches of rain

SORRENTO, LA (WAFB) - Nearly eight inches of rain poured on the city of Sorrento, causing several areas to flood. Water was almost knee high, and trucks of sand were delivered to help with the relief. One area, that flooded severally was Tullier Rd. Many people in that community were getting around with boats. Brian Swanson, has lived on Tullier Rd all his life. He said it was generous gesture by the Parish, but it's not enough.

"Every time something like this happens, we have no help," said Swanson. "Being Ascension Parish, you would think that somebody would come help us, but we have to do it ourselves."

Over on Brittany Rd, near Airline Hwy,  Victoria Bourgeois said the reason why her community is submerge, is because drainage from another one.

"From my understanding, they are diverting the water from Pelican Point," said Bourgeois.

Swanson and others of the community said they are being overlooked, and are crying out for help.

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