Power of 9: Rhonda Loy

PRAIRIEVILLE, LA (WAFB) - Our May Power of 9 honoree is a busy woman. 9News caught up with her at home with her kids in Prairieville. The sun was shining brightly as the three played catch with a baseball.

"Wow! Nicholas Loy could do this all day!" Reporter Donna Britt said.

Britt was impressed at Rhonda Loy's finesse with a baseball glove. Eight-year-old Nicholas and his sister, 13-year-old Hannah, avoided using the mitt in front of our 9News camera, but fielded errant balls that slipped down the backyard slope.

Loy is a financial adviser at Merrill Lynch, but it's clear she has an equally busy life away from her job. She's a "Super Mom" and super volunteer.

Hannah says her mother is always ready to do things for the Big Buddy program. When asked, Hannah says she will definitely volunteer when she's an adult.

Loy spoke about her Big Buddy adventure.

"It started when Hannah was probably less than three. A coworker of mine asked us to bring Little Buddies to work. It's called 'Day of the Mentor'. It happens every year with Big Buddy. And so I volunteered to share half a day at work with a child. We had a connection that day and I think I learned a lot more from her about the need that's out there than I even really knew."

Loy is a member of First United Methodist Church and says the Big Buddy Community Board meets at her church. Rhonda says her volunteer time seems so right. She feels called by God to help Big Buddy. The youth helped through the program may face challenges economically, educationally, and emotionally. Interactions with these kids expose them to better lives, loving friendships, and even a cheerleader for tackling their challenges.

Loy has also served on the Big Buddy Board and says her financial expertise can be very useful to Big Buddy. As a board member, she's worked all eight years that they've done Dancing with Big Buddy, the big fundraiser patterned after the popular TV show "Dancing with the Stars". In fact, she was chair one year and made the speeches at the podium! Rhonda says an event like "Dancing" is inspirational.

"It's fun so people want to be involved and then that's how they learn more about Big Buddy, and get involved even further. Kinda like I just ya know thought I was giving a half-day of time and now it's been 10 years."

You can bet that Rhonda Loy will not stop here, but keep volunteering for Big Buddy any time they need her! Capital One Bank, Volunteer United with the United Way, and WAFB are proud to sponsor the Power of 9 volunteer awards.

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