White Castle residents trying to save their homes

WHITE CASTLE, LA (WAFB) - An assembly line of neighbors were stacking sandbags trying to save a home from flooding near White Castle.

Neighbors along Richland Road say this is at least the fifth major flooding event here.

"Everytime its worse and worse and worse," says Marie Cazes.

And she's had enough.

"I just assume throw my hands up and say here take it all and just go rent somewhere," she says.

She's hoping to save her home from flooding this time around.

"Last time, it blew out my central air and rotted floors in my house," Cazes says. "It's just plain ridiculous. I just called the parish and the little girl said 'well ma'am, I don't know what to tell you right now.'"

To her, it's obvious what the problem is.

"The water has nowhere to go," she says. "So we are in a gully. People in the back build up when they build their houses. We take water from town and the cane fields. We're in a gully, a point, so everything here floods and takes us over."

Not every home could be saved. Gary Lejendre says the water rose too fast for sandbags at his house.

"It was too late so we just had to pick everything up in the house to try to save whatever we got."

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