Hotel workers and guests watch rising floodwaters

DONALDSONVILLE, LA (WAFB) - Several areas of southeast Louisiana experienced flooding after heavy rains Wednesday morning and even out-of-towners felt the effects.

A lot of the flooding was in Ascension Parish, especially in Donaldsonville. Water pooled at the bottom of the parking lot at the entrance to the Comfort Inn on LA 70 near the base of the Sunshine Bridge.

The guests were forced to move their vehicles to higher ground in anticipation of more rain that could fall in the area over the next few days.

There is concern that more rain will cause the floodwaters to rise even more than their current level. The people staying at the hotel said they were surprised by the flooding.

"I came outside and it was raining pretty much sideways and it really wasn't that bad in the parking lot," said Logan O'Quinn of Lufkin, Texas. "But when I came out and went around there, it was at least two feet deep because I was in third gear and it was bogging down my truck."

The rains did let up late Wednesday morning, but workers said the water was about an inch from the doorway by then. The hotel workers and guests hope the water doesn't creep any higher.

"I came out and went around there, and it was at least two feet deep. I was in third gear and it was bogging down my truck,"said one hotel guest.

The city announced a location for sandbags, but a check there revealed there wasn't much left. There were several broken sandbags piled under the pavilion at the fairgrounds. Thankfully a new delivery of sandbags arrived and an anxious crowd was ready to stock up. Among the crowd were two Ascension Parish Sheriff's Deputies.

The deputies are making deliveries to those who can't get out because of impassable roadways; people like Alice Joseph.

"I called 911, and I told them what was going on, the water was coming in the house," she said.

She returned home from her job as a nurse to find an inch of water inside her house. "Some things got wet, but you know it's nothing that can't be replaced."

Joseph is thankful for the help protecting the rest of her belongings.

One woman who arrived to get sandbags said her mother just passed away a week ago and was buried in Belle Rose in Assumption Parish.

She added there were reports of caskets in the cemetery popping out of the ground, so she was picking up sandbags to weigh down her mother's.

There was a man who said nine or 10 homes in the St. Jude subdivision, which is located about three miles from the sandbag location, already had water inside of them.

Heavy equipment and building materials for a new U.S. Department of Agriculture building was moved out of harms way.

It is unknown how much damage has been caused, but a lot more rain fell than people expected in a short amount of time.

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