November 10, 2004 - "Hog Heaven"

What makes a Harley a hog? At Sly Dog Cycles they know. Jamie Moore and John Schoen customize Harleys with paint and chrome and detailing.

But ask owner Terry Moore what everybody wants on a Harley, and he'll tell you what they tell him. Because a Harley just ain't a hog till it sounds like one. And that's what Terry and Jamie and John do. Using a seemingly endless variety of pipes with exotic names like "Sampson Slip-on Rolled Oval0", "Cycle Shack Slash Cut," "Thunder-Header and White Brothers Two-Into-One," they make the hogs roar.

"They say, 'When I start my bike up in a parking lot with 50 other bikes already running, I want people turning their heads to see where that sound is coming from!'"