Award ceremony held to honor brave firefighters

Some heroes of the Baton Rouge Fire Department were honored on Saturday, May 17th for their diligence.

The annual Family Day and award ceremony was held at the department's administration building earlier. The BRFD honored the brave men and women who saved lives in the last year. Also, their 'Crew of the Year' was honored.

Chief Ed Smith says it's nice to get to honor the men and women who are just doing a job that they love.

"With the fire department, it's so hard to recognize these guys," said Smith.  "They're so modest in what they do, and that's not what they're here for. They do it because they love it, and we have some great men and women."

Smith added that these heroes actually give him a chance to share just how proud he is of these humble heroes.

"It gives me an opportunity to showcase the men and women of the Baton Rouge Fire Department and let the public know just how great of a fire department they have," praised Smith.

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